Thursday, January 7, 2010

Intelligence in Afghanistan

Maj. Gen. Michael Flynn, "the top military intelligence officer in Afghanistan" and "the top military intelligence officer in Afghanistan" wrote a strong indictment of the US counterinsurgency strategy and the collection of intelligence. Namely, the issue here is that the US is only collecting intelligence for military purposes and not for social reconstruction. Anyway, one very interesting bit from the report is this: 

An NGO wanting to build a water well in a village may learn, as we recently did, about some of the surprising risks encountered by others who have attempted the same project. For instance, a foreign-funded well constructed in the center of a village in southern Afghanistan was destroyed -- not by the Taliban -- but by the village's women. Before, the women had to walk a long distance to draw water from a river, but this was exactly what they wanted. The establishment of a village well deprived them of their only opportunity to gather socially with other women.

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