Saturday, May 7, 2011

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The Blog of Unecessary "Quotes"
Talibans are fleeing some part of North Afghanistan, allegedly following Bin Laden's death
 Pajhwok News Agency is reporting that in the wake of the death of Usama bin Laden at the hands of US Navy SEALs, Taliban guerrillas in the northeastern Afghan province of Qunduz are fleeing the province.
The difference between Canada and Belgium
Au sein des dix provinces et des trois territoires qui forment la fédération canadienne, il est possible de voter, lors des élections fédérales, soit pour des partis nationaux, soit pour des partis provinciaux.
Why It Matters That Bin Laden Was Behind Recent Terrorist Plots
 the documents reveal that Al Qaeda remains predictable in several ways(...) Knowing that “important dates” matter the most also helps intelligence analysts(...)the documents show that bin Laden’s Al Qaeda remains faithful to one of its trademarks—which is to strike mass transit during the morning hours.

The FT editorial has no clue on what's going on with commodity prices...

Predicting short-term swings in commodity prices is, therefore, a fool’s game (if no doubt one for which many fools are handsomely paid).

...but provide interesting information
 Bankers and traders say a large proportion of the long positions were held by momentum following funds that trade using computer algorithms aiming to exploit market trends. Man Group’s trend following fund AHL, one of the world’s largest, was down 3.5 per cent on Thursday, adding to a 2.6 per cent loss since the start of the week.
“I think the scale and speed is 100 per cent reflective of the type of participant,” says Kamal Naqvi, head of commodity investor sales at Credit Suisse. “What it demonstrated is the emergent dominance of CTAs [algorithmic traders] in commodities. It has become so much easier for all clients to access commodities – but particularly technically – or quant-driven investors.” 

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